I’m Writing a Novel, Yo!

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I’m writing to announce that my ultimate “what-would-you-do-if-you-weren’t-afraid?” is underway. Answer: Write a novel. The truth is that I’m still scared, but I decided to not let fear keep me from pursuing a dream. That being said, the more I work on the manuscript, the less I fear. I’m too busy having fun. I absolutely adore storytelling.

I chose my story (or it chose me) nearly a year ago. It’s a coming-of-age meets spirituality, and that’s all I’ll say at this point. Then, I mulled over the concept through the holidays and into the beginning of the year. I wasn’t deciding whether or not to follow-through with the story. That decision was made the night it came to me, like a pretty little delivery from God. Don’t get me wrong, it’s stupid-crazy-hard to actually write a novel and I don’t even know yet whether I’m any good at it. I just knew that I was in the air, suited up, and dang-it… I was jumping out of the plane!

Come March, my calendar was ideal for writing. Truly. It was another little gift. Time. I wrote the very ugly, rough, messy first draft in a couple months. I’ve been rewriting, mulling some more, putting it down and picking it back up ever since.

You may have noticed that this site is updated to just my name – Angie Schuller Wyatt. My next book will not be called God and Boobs, so ya’ know… Will try to keep this site populated with articles that will encourage you to go on in faith. When such posts wane, and they will, imagine me staring into the face of my own Goliath, tiny little pellets in hand, no relevant experience… and then, if you’re really rad, cheer me on in prayer.

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