The Perfect Woman Is Pear-Shaped

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In God’s eyes, the perfect woman is pear-shaped. She’s also apple-shaped, olive-shaped and pencil-shaped. In 1912, the “perfect woman” was 171lbs at 5’7″ with a pear-shaped figure. Meet Elsie Scheel, who at 24 years old was pronounced “the most nearly perfect physical specimen of womanhood.” When asked how she gained such a perfect figure, she replied, “I have eaten only what I wanted and when I wanted.” She lists beefsteak as her favorite food. If only it could be so simple to reach today’s standards for physical beauty! Men’s Health released their list of the 100 hottest women of 2013. Not one of them shares Elsie’s full figure.


I’m reminded of the goddesses of ancient times that I studied when I was in college. The ideal physique of ancient times was round all over. To ancient people, a round woman was incredibly sexy!  My favorite example is the ancient Mesopotamian goddess Ishtar who is known for her “breast offering pose.” Notice how her boobs are rather petite, but her things are hugely exaggerated.

Have you heard of the “Dreamer of Malta?” At an ancient ceremonial center in Malta were found two identical statues of this woman. Not only is she obese, she is also topless.


One of the most famous statues is the Venus of Willendorf who represents the “Mother Goddess.” In ancient times, women were revered for being givers of life. And so, breasts that have felt the affects of breastfeeding were super sexy.


Societal examples of the ideal woman has evolved from the rounded shapes of ancient times, to the fuller figure of Elsie Scheel, to a more modern idol… the slim and fit body of a Victoria’s Secret model.

Body shapes trend. However, people do not trend. We shouldn’t be in one day, and out the next. We are always beautiful; created perfectly by God, just as we are. Our body type may not be what’s trending, but it’s what we’ve been divinely given. We must learn to see through the eyes of God, who creates all women perfectly.

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  • I think that a woman is much more attractive if she has some curves.
    I really loved reading this article. Today, young women are too focused
    on being slim.

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