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EXCITING NEWS! I’ve just released a NEW COVER of God and Boobs the book.  This updated edition includes a NEW FORWARD by my father, Robert Schuller. It also includes an endorsement by Roma Downey, producer of The Bible series and star of Touched by an Angel. Roma writes, “Don’t let the title fool you! Angie explains the Bible in ways that capture the hearts and imaginations of today’s women.” The cover also includes a quote by The Washington Times, “If the book attracts a large audience, it may well spark a national conversation.” Let’s have that conversation! The new cover is available in paperback only. The Ebook version remains the same. For those of you who already purchased a copy of God and Boobs… don’t feel left out! The rest of this blog is the new forward, written by my father, Robert Schuller.

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Forward to God and Boobs, written by Robert Schuller

As Angie’s father, I am honored to write this forward for her. From the time she was a very young child it was evident that Angie would do something unique and beautiful with her life. She has always been an outstanding listener with analytical skills way beyond her years. These skills and more have helped her to achieve her destiny.

When Angie was 5 years old, her mother and I went through a divorce. It was hard on everyone, but especially hard on Angie. A year later I married my wife, Donna. When we drove away to go on our honeymoon, I’ll never forget the sight of a heart broken little girl standing in the front yard of the house crying uncontrollably.

At the time I never realized that our relationship would be strained for the next 20 years. Thanks to her choice of study at Oral Roberts University, and her supporting church in Texas, she has recovered. We now have an excellent and healthy relationship.

Angie had an interest in ministry that she kept secret from me. I wasn’t always aware of the internal struggles she faced regarding her femininity, but I’m proud of the way she’s overcome them. Early in her career, Angie became the first woman and youngest spiritual director at ORU. She later served as an associate pastor at the nationally recognized Gateway Church in Texas.

As a female minister in a male dominated world, she has been very successful. She has dedicated her ministry to helping other women reach their greatest potential, as well. This often includes helping women accept the power of their femininity, a message that is often feared in the church.

This book is a great gift for ladies exploring who they are as women. It will help them grow into their sexuality without loosing their love of Christ and their faith. It will help them develop a healthy understanding and balance of sex and faith. It will help all Christians to embrace their sexuality morally, beautifully and spiritually. Angie has given her readers a wonderful narrative for thought and discussion. She will help you find the right balance of faith and sexuality, for you.

(Our blog series on Trust will resume next week)

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  • Angie,

    I love the new cover. So proud of you and what the future holds for you!

  • I’ve followed your blog on and off since the beginning stages of “God and Boobs” the book was becoming a reality…I’m curious will you post a blog post about why the new cover, so much detail went into the choice of the previous cover and I’m curious why the change? I’m hoping to get a copy of the book soon! I’m excited about the contribution this book is making!

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