How I Met My Husband

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The story of how I met my husband is pretty romantic.  It’s also filled with divine providence.  This is a true story…

In 2006, I moved to Dallas to serve as a pastor at Gateway Church.  I was thrilled with my new path, and passionately committed my time and attention to ministry.

After living in Texas for several months, I began imagining myself married and in love. Unlike most women, this was a new experience for me. I had always been career focused, and wasn’t at all interested in dating. In fact, I hadn’t had a boyfriend in over five years.

The months passed, and I started feeling anxious about marriage. I thought God might be preparing me for love, but I was scared. I didn’t want anything to distract me from my spiritual calling. I decided to pray.

In June 2007, I committed to 27 days of prayer directed toward my future. On the 27th night, I had a dream.  The dream foretold of the man I would marry and the spiritual challenges we would conquer together. This confirmed my suspicion – God was indeed preparing me for marriage.  With absolutely no prospects in sight, I waited.  Each month, the desire for marriage grew and the waiting became more difficult.

The summer passed and I flew to Orange County for Labor Day weekend. While there, I had an intimate conversation with my dad in which I shared my desire to be married.  I asked him to pray for me.

The very next weekend, while preparing for his sermon at the Crystal Cathedral, my dad met Chris Wyatt.  Chris was the interview guest that weekend for the Hour of Power broadcast. A former television executive, Chris was a new Christian convert who had recently moved to Dallas to attend seminary. While in seminary, he launched and it became a huge success. GodTube was the fastest growing website of 2007.

The moment my dad shook Chris’ hand, God told him, “You’re shaking the hand of your future son-in-law.” He later shared this with Donna and my brother Bobby under strict confidence.  They kept the matter private, and never told me or Chris.

Following Chris’ televised interview, my dad and Donna visited with Chris and his parents. They encouraged Chris to call me upon his return to Dallas. Chris was too busy to date, and not interested in meeting me.  But he felt obligated to call out of respect for my father.

Meanwhile, my parents called to tell me about my upcoming blind date. I was less than thrilled. When I told my dad to pray for my husband, a blind date was not what I had in mind.

As promised, Chris called me the following week.  We felt equally obligated to appease my dad, so we agreed to meet for dinner on September 14, 2007.  To our surprise, the date was amazing! We dined for 4 hours!
The moment I walked into the room, God told Chris that I was his future wife. (Chris did not share this experience with me until we were engaged.) Consequently, Chris knew instantly what took me only three dates to discover . . . this was my husband.

Nine months later, on 06.07.08, we were married by my brother Bobby at the Crystal Cathedral.

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  • DUH? God totally set you up! :)

    I love the story. I did not know your anniversary is two days after my birthday. I should have… HUH! You were getting married that weekend, and that is where my birthday landed.

    IMAGINE! Love the story, Ang. Thanks for sharing.

  • Angie I wholeheartedly believe that God will speak to us about future events, we must only listen. I also believe that we MUST obey what we hear. The last relationship I was in neither myself or the woman I was dating obeyed what we knew the Lord was telling us. As a result I feel I have prolonged the wondrous relationship of marriage for myself and even more saddening may have inadvertently delayed that time for the woman whom I was dating as well. In fact what began as a fantastic friendship has only remnants remaining of being that.

    Do not get me wrong, I know whatever God has planned WILL happen. However, I also believe that God put us in the beginning and already knows the end. The middle is all up to us, our free will, and obedience to Him. I pray that everyone have the wisdom and strength to obey our Lord.

  • I never tire of this story. Thanks for posting, Angie.

  • To your final question Angie (“Do you believe that God speaks to His people about future events”?)

    I do believe HE speaks to us all the time and we need to be open to that connection. Setting time to walk, hike or sit and “listen”, I know HE then inspires good things HE wants for us or for us to do!


  • Angie: I also love the story. Both told by your Dad and by you. I do beleive that God speaks to us about the future . And help us see it through as he has planned. But we have to listen and trust him as we go.
    God Bless . Cysradill

  • I loved reading this story! Truly inspiring to trust God and His timing.

  • Oh God, this gives me faith as I wait to move at Your Voice!

  • I don’t think I ever heard the full story. So glad you shared! Thanks!

  • And what a gorgeous wedding you had! I miss you my friend!

  • Congratulations :)
    It’s a very inspiring story, especially since I’ve always been career focused as you were and secretly feared it as my curse. Maybe my time will come.

    • Thanks, Alessia! I actually think that having a career sets women up for a successful relationship. Work teaches us how to negotiate, how to cooperate as equals, and it makes us more interesting people all around.

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