Healing After Infant Loss: Battle Cry, the Book

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I don’t have to be a mother to imagine that the most tragic loss a woman can face is the death of her own child. I remember years ago sitting across from a young woman who shared with me the depths of her own despair, desperate for healing after infant loss. And now, I’m so proud to announce that same woman is courageously sharing her story with others in her new book, Battle Cry: Hope and Healing in the Battles of Life. In her book, Kris Power tells about the tragedy of losing her daughter at birth, dealing with severe medical complications, and then building her life anew.

Kris Power could have never prepared for the horror of delivering her stillborn baby on Christmas Eve. She shares the details of her story in the first chapter of her book. She embarks on a journey with God of finding healing after infant loss. Her battle intensifies as she encounters family trauma and medical complications. Powers finds healing through the support of friends, family, church, counseling and the Bible. She shares her insights on how to find hope and healing in tumultuous times.

Tip: Be sure to read to the end of the book which features some incredible family photos that you have to see to believe.

In God and Boobs the book, I write about hearing God in prayer, sharing examples of times Jesus has appeared to women in visions or dreams to help them heal. I asked Kris if I could share this excerpt from her book, Battle Cry, where she tells about a vision that helped facilitate her healing after infant loss:

51HCOHXuulL“Immediately, I got a vision from God. I was lying back on the hospital bed, exactly where I’d been when I first found out that Charlie was dead. My husband was draped across me, inconsolable, just as he had been that day. But in this vision, there was a stillness and peace. God was standing in front of the sonogram monitor, and He was staring at it with sadness. His hand was on the screen, over her heart. It wasn’t about me or Spencer. It was about God and Charlie. He was just staring at the screen with His big, gentle hand over the perfect heart that He had created, and He was grieved. I will never forget that image. It was breathtaking. I felt like He was a grandfather who had just learned of the tragedy. It made Him so real and human to me. Massive wounds in my heart were healed instantly. He grieves, too. He was just as saddened as I was. What amazed me, though, was that He didn’t show me the parts where He was by my side, because He knew that my heart would be most healed by seeing Him miss her. That is what still touches me the most to this day. There is nothing quite as powerful as when someone else misses the person you are also missing. I doubt that I would have been given that unmatchable experience with the Lord had I not allowed my heart to forgive Him.” -Excerpt from Battle Cry: Hope and Healing in the Battles of Life.

If you or someone you love longs to find healing after infant loss, I urge you start by talking to Jesus. Simply ask: “Lord, what do you want to say to me?” Discover how this question will lead you on a journey of healing. Then, reach out to women who love you and are willing to walk alongside you. Learn from women like Kris Power who battled for hope and healing, waging war against the enemy of her soul. She found that God always restores broken hearts, when the little pieces remaining turn to Him for help. He will heal your heart too.

Author Kris Power with her crew.

Author Kris Power with her crew.


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