Fake Beauty: Kelly Clarkson’s Photoshop Fail

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This is the image used to promote Kelly Clarkson’s 2005 hit “Behind These Hazel Eyes.” I give her a God and Boobs Beauty Fail for fake arms. The arms in this photo are unnaturally thin, and clearly not the real arms of our beloved Kelly Clarkson. There is no reason any woman, let alone a woman as talented and successful as Kelly Clarkson, should have to alter her appearance to sell records.

Consumer-driven culture is messing up our perception of beauty. Women deserve to be treated as real people with real faces, bodies and brains. And yet, we are regularly being sold a version of beauty that is fake, inconsistent with reality, and completely unachievable to the majority of women. Kelly is presently promoting her Greatest Hits album. I love this photo because you can see a clear side-by-side image of the real Kelly vs the “fake Kelly” that’s depicted on her album cover.

While I’m a total fan of Kelly Clarkson’s incredible voice, I also give her a God and Boob’s Beauty Fail for the cover of her new single. Her face has been slimmed and structured in the cheeks so that she’s now a bizarre supermodel version of her natural, rounded face.

We supported Kelly on American Idol, and we’ve loved her ever since – just as she is. But, this isn’t Kelly. In fact, the real Kelly is so much more beautiful than the images that were created to sell her brand. So Kelly, tell your people to get it straight, and start supporting our efforts to help women accept their beauty — just as they are, just as God created them to be.

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  • Hello Angie! I have really enjoyed reading your opinions on issues relevant to today’s Christian women!
    I recently was nominated for a Liebster Award – by new bloggers, for new bloggers. I am also nominating your blog! If you would like to check out the nomination, go to http://meginmotionblog.wordpress.com/2012/11/12/an-encouraging-sidenote/

  • Hey Megan! Thanks for the nomination! What a fun idea!

  • I so agree with you!!! She looks strange!!

  • I totally agree Angie…the problem is that all the celebrity types are photo-shopped (and more) Even scenes featuring the big stars of screen are now made perfect, thanks to the digital production. I bet she feels like she’s just not pretty enough, which is so sad. (or her manager, agent, etc thinks that…or the photographers, publishers, editors, etc) She is a great talent and pretty inside and out. (from what I’ve read)
    The bigger challenge is: how are you going to get more public figures/celebrities to get real?! When they are featured without being “fixed” the tabloids and magazines of all types go berserk talking about their imperfections including body fat, wrinkles, etc. It’s ridiculous but I’m afraid that a lot of us have bought into it!
    It’s so great that you are talking about all of this. Donna

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