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God often speaks through dreams. I had a dream this week that I want to share. My hope is that it will encourage others as it has encouraged me. You are invited to practice your dream interpretation skills. I will offer a dream interpretation of my own. 

The dream begins and I’m standing in the back portion of a house. The house foundation and frame is in place. However, the room itself is unfinished. I’m alone in the room with a carpenter who is much taller and bigger than myself. I can’t make out the details of his face, but he has very dark skin and he’s a bit dirty. A large tool belt wraps around his waste from belly to thigh.

I say to the carpenter, “Okay, I’m here to help. Just put me to work.” He smiles at me. Then, he kneels down to my level and very patiently shows me how to construct the wall. He explains how the nails and slabs fit together, and how to properly use the hammer.

When he finishes explaining, I turn around to the workbench behind me. I grab a hammer, and then turn back to the wall to start working. By the time I do this, the wall in front of me is completed. I look around to locate another area of the room where I can help. To my astonishment, the entire room is completed!

Looking at the carpenter, I exclaim, “It’s finished!”

“Yes,” he says and smiles.

The dream then continues to another portion of the house. The rest of the dream, I feel, is personal and not meant to be shared. However, I think this first portion of the dream is a reminder to us all.

I’ve been studying the book of Romans for the past nine months. I’ve probably read through it about 3-4 times, very slowly, each time focusing on a different aspect of the book. I’ve known the theme of Romans for many years – Grace. My goal is to read the book until the message feels like it’s rooted deep within me. I want to have some revelation that changes me. I feel like I’m almost there… My Bible reading certainly influences my dream interpretation.

If we were to take this dream, and transpose it over a potential real-life situation, it might look like this: A father is building a fence, and his little girl asks to help.  The father is amused and delighted by her eager attitude. He kneels beside her and explains how it works. He knows that she’s not strong enough to lift a hammer, and a real nail is too dangerous for her fragile fingers. Instead, he gives her a plastic nail and a toy hammer. Then, he goes back to work, laboring to build something for his little girl. He does all the work, but she feels like she is a part of it too.

My dream interpretation is GRACE. God has done all the work. It is finished. We participate through prayer and faith. Romans teaches that “anything done apart from faith is sin.” That’s a sobering thought! I want to think that I can do something to arrange my life, to build it or fix it. But God wants me to know that, ultimately, I’m capable of anything. Everything in my life is built by His grace. It’s already finished!

What is your dream interpretation?


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  • Powerful reminder that we can’t do things in our own strength. He looks at our heart. The desire to build could be hunger to be used. Love this!!!!

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