Girl Crush: Colbie Caillat Reveals True Beauty

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Every woman asks herself, Am I beautiful? Beauty is a major theme of God and Boobs the book, with an entire chapter called “Roses” dedicated to the topic: Am I beautiful?  I’m acutely aware of this issue in almost every conversation I have with women. And, I am so proud of Colbie Caillat for tackling this question head on.

Just recently the Am I Beautiful topic came up with friend-girl crush who is of Indian descent. I have difficulty talking to my friend because of the language barrier, but I love her! One day, after we first met, I invited her to meet me at a pool where her kids could play and we could hang out. That day, she confided in me in the most unexpected way.

She say to me, in broken English that I could hardly decipher, “I’m so happy that you like me. Most people do not like me because I’m from India.” Then, she proceeded to explain to me how in her part of the world it is desirous to have light skin instead of dark skin. In her heart, she had asked herself Am I Beautiful? Apparently, by some people’s standards the answer was no. But to me, and to many others, the answer is emphatically yes, yes, YES!

My conversation with this woman was of the sort that I read about in books or saw in movies, but being born and raised in southern California, just never came up. California’s aren’t very racists in the classical sense. I can’t help but wonder how influenced she is, as we all are, by commercialized images of beauty.

Colbie Callait created a music video that I love! She was reportedly inspired by Photoshopped images of herself. In her music video, she reverses the affects of Photoshop and ends up in her natural state of beauty.

Recently, there’s been an influx of media campaigns responding to consumer demand for images that reflect a realistic respresentation of female beauty. Gaining a lot of attention this week is John Legend’s new video for his song, You and I. Congratulations, ladies, our voices are being heard. That being said… I am compelled to always keep before us that changing advertising will never fix our real problem. The real problem of beauty results from an internal struggle. Beauty is a deep question of the heart, best answered by individual intimacy with God. Read God and Boobs for more.

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