I’m Writing a Novel, Yo!

24 Sep 14

I’m writing to announce that my ultimate “what-would-you-do-if-you-weren’t-afraid?” is underway. Answer: Write a novel. The truth is that I’m still scared, but I decided to not let fear keep me from pursuing a dream. That being said, the more I work on the manuscript, the less I fear. I’m too busy having fun. I absolutely adore storytelling.

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New Book Cover! Forward by Robert Schuller

08 Jan 14

EXCITING NEWS! I’ve just released a NEW COVER of God and Boobs the book.  This updated edition includes a NEW FORWARD by my father, Robert Schuller. It also includes an endorsement by Roma Downey, producer of The Bible series and star of Touched by an Angel. Roma writes, “Don’t let the title fool you! Angie explains the Bible in ways that capture the hearts and imaginations of today’s women.” The cover also includes a quote by The Washington Times, “If the book attracts a large audience, it may well spark a national conversation.” Let’s have that conversation! The new cover is available in paperback only. The Ebook version remains the same. For those of you who already purchased a copy of God and Boobs… don’t feel left out! The rest of this blog is the new forward, written by my father, Robert Schuller.

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On the Cover, part 5: Enjoy the Faith Your Mom Never Told You About

04 Sep 13

Today’s modern women experience faith differently than the women of previous generations. Chances are that your mom never told you how to experience faith as a twenty- or thirty-something woman who is pursuing a career, traveling the world, dating, and delaying marriage and children. Your mom never told you because she never lived it. Like the faith-women of her generation, she likely married young and had children. She may know how to pray for her husband, but she may not know how to pray for her job. If you have questions about faith, and you feel like advice from older women isn’t helping, God and Boobs has the answers you need!

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On the Cover, part 4: Breaking Free of Religious Constrains

27 Aug 13

Breaking free of religious constrains is a major theme of my book, God and Boobs. I think religion is the number one obstacle to knowing God. Ironic, I know. And yet, I feel so passionately about religion’s role that, in the book, I compare religion to elephant dung. Eloquent, I know. I won’t do that here. Instead, for my cerebral audience, a more theological explanation…

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Host A Book Signing for God & Boobs!

06 Aug 13

You can host a book signing with your friends! I love meeting with women to talk about God & Boobs at their homes, apartments, boutiques and book stores.  At each event, I answer questions, read from the book, and sign copies. NOW you can host an event too! That’s right… I’ll come to you!

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Catalyst Feature: Fame as a Roadblock to Leadership

31 Jul 13

I recently wrote an article for Catalyst entitled “Rejecting Fame on the Road to Legacy.” Fame as a roadblock to leadership is a lesson I learned firsthand, growing up in one of the world’s most famous religious families. It’s something I talk about extensively in God and Boobs the book because fame was central to my misconceptions about God. Growing up, I believed that I could only please God if I was famous and successful like the men in my life. For more about how you can overcome the temptations of fame, check out the Catalyst article or read my book. (Catalyst is one of the premiere leadership conferences, and they have a stellar blog that you should definitely check out.)

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Hollywood Book Festival Winner!

30 Jul 13

I’m thrilled to announce that God and Boobs has just won the Hollywood Book Festival! The award ceremony was held at the beautiful Roosevelt Hotel, located across the street from the infamous Chinese Theater. My dad was my date, and he did a great job fulfilling his role as photographer. During my acceptance speech, I talked about how supportive he has been, from coaching me through the writing process to helping me market the book. So I just had to treat him to dinner at one my favorite West Hollywood hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurants, Gardens of Taxco. Not only am I thrilled to receive accolades from my literary peers, but the ceremony also served as a fantastic father-daughter date night! Enjoy these pics!

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God and Boobs in the OC Register!

10 Jul 13

I was recently featured on the front page of the OC Register! Roxana Kopetman, a journalist for the OC Register, contacted me about her interest in covering the story of God and Boobs. She wanted to know why I wrote the book, what sort of response I’ve received, and also a bit about my back ground growing up at the Crystal Cathedral. We talked for hours over the course of several weeks. It was fun sharing my story and answering tough questions. My favorite part was the photo shoot. Because I was traveling a ton at the time, they sent a photographer to meet me in NY while I was there to accept an award for the NY Book Festival. And so, I ended up having a professional photo shoot in central park. How fun is that! My dad, the proud papa, sent me this photo from the paper

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NY Book Festival Awards Ceremony

04 Jul 13

Thank you for your interest in knowing more about the NY Book Festival! I’ve been met with so many congratulations, well wishes and questions about the award. Thank you! The award ceremony for the book festival was held in June at the Grolier Club in Manhattan. The Grolier Club is a fine library that preserves ancient documents. I was afforded the opportunity to give an acceptance speech. It means the world to be recognized by my literary peers. Check out these photos!

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Making of the Book, Part 6: Meet Tomboy Kelsey of “Roses”

11 Apr 13

In God and Boobs the book, I’ve devoted an entire chapter “Roses” to my sister Kelsey Rose who is a self-described tomboy. The chapter is about beauty – how we see ourselves as beautiful, our perceptions of conventional beauty and how our “sex sells” world gets it wrong. Kelsey’s relationship to beauty is more complicated than my own, and she was courageous enough to allow me to write a chapter that focused on her challenges. Many people have called it their favorite chapter in the book! I wanted to follow up with Kelsey and ask her what it’s like to have her story published for all to see.

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