God and Boobs in the OC Register!

10 Jul 13

I was recently featured on the front page of the OC Register! Roxana Kopetman, a journalist for the OC Register, contacted me about her interest in covering the story of God and Boobs. She wanted to know why I wrote the book, what sort of response I’ve received, and also a bit about my back ground growing up at the Crystal Cathedral. We talked for hours over the course of several weeks. It was fun sharing my story and answering tough questions. My favorite part was the photo shoot. Because I was traveling a ton at the time, they sent a photographer to meet me in NY while I was there to accept an award for the NY Book Festival. And so, I ended up having a professional photo shoot in central park. How fun is that! My dad, the proud papa, sent me this photo from the paper

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On The Drew Marshall Show – Listen Now!

12 Apr 13

On April 6th, I was a guest on Canada’s most listened to spiritual radio program, The Drew Marshall Show! You can listen to the recording at The Drew Marshall Show. The interview was a full 30minutes of fun! If you don’t want to tune in for that long, be sure to at least fast-forward to about 16:30 where Lisa Osteen Comes joins the conversation. So interesting to be on the show with someone whose most basic family dynamics mirror my own. We are both female pastors who are also the daughters and sisters of famous televangelists. It meant so much to hear her support for women who have been hurt by religion, and I’m grateful that she “applauds” the work we’re doing.

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God and Boobs at The Friendly Atheist

27 Mar 13

We’ve had an interesting conversation about God and Boobs over at a Patheos Blog, The Friendly Atheist. Hemant Mehta posted an excerpt from God and Boobs in his column, and then I answered questions from his readers about the book. Those friendly atheist’s went bold, asking me things like: What do you think about sex education in public schools? And, what are your thoughts on abstinence?  I don’t talk about any of these things in my book, but you can join in the conversation at The Friendly Atheist.

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God and Boobs Excerpt in the Huffington Post!

21 Mar 13


The Huffington Post recently posted an excerpt from my book God and Boobs! I hope you’ll check out “How I Broke Free From Religion and Embraced My Sexuality.”


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God and Boobs in The Washington Times!

18 Mar 13


“If the book attracts a large audience, it may well spark a national conversation.” -Mark Kellner, The Washington Times

Highlights from the article:  “There’s times when women feel they should speak up and say something; that desire comes from God. But in religious circles, the teaching is you should be quiet, and let men speak. It’s like ‘The Feminine Mystique’ reached the rest of the world and left Christianity behind” [Ms. Wyatt] said…

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Beauty Insider: Interview with a Celebrity Photoshop Expert

12 Mar 13

Ever wonder what goes on the brilliant mind a celebrity Photoshop artist? Well here’s your chance! Christine Chapman is Co-Founder and Director of Retouching at 2bd Creative. She is the Photoshop expert to the stars, but she put her expertise at work for us in the God and Boobs book cover. Yes, the God and Boobs book cover was Photoshopped. I confess. Tomorrow, I’m giving a behind-the-scenes look at our before and after images of the model. You don’t want to miss it! Until then, let’s find out why Christine says “I believe women have had pressure on them to be as perfect as possible whether the media was around or not. This pressure doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon.”

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Robert Schuller Endorses God and Boobs! Join us March 15th.

07 Mar 13


“Angie has tackled a subject that few Christians are willing to talk about. It is a subject that is integral to our human existence yet is taboo in most Christian circles. She answers the question, ‘how do we balance faith and sexuality.’ She does it in a real and authentic manner. I am proud of the way she has addresses this sensitive subject head on.” -Rev. Dr. Robert A. Schuller

Robert Schuller, my dad, is an advocate for God and Boobs! This March 15th, I will be the first woman featured on his monthly “Possibility Living” seminar. This brilliant seminar is held by phone – which means you can tune in from anywhere! So slip into your PJs, grab a steamy cup of jo, and let’s chat on the phone… I can’t wait to hear your questions! Sign up for the “Possibility Living” seminar

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Making the Book, Part 4: Interview with the Christian Model

27 Feb 13

God and Boobs_FINALMainstream models were turned off by the idea of a God-project, and Christian models didn’t want to take their tops off. It was the same juxtaposition in which I found myself while shopping my book to mainstream publishers and Christian publishers. And then, like a God-send, there’s she was! A beautiful, talented, God-loving model who embraces her sexuality. She was such an anomaly that I couldn’t pass the opportunity to probe. Why was she willing to pose for God and Boobs? As a Christian model and actress, she faces these tough decisions all the time. Fortunately, she was willing to open up and answer my questions…

What did you think when you were asked to model for the cover of a book called God and Boobs? Were you told that it would be a backless photograph?

I thought: “Ha! That’s a funny title! The author must be pretty free!” I was told that it was a Christian book on women and sexuality and how we’re called to be free in the Lord and not live a life of fear – a case that’s really close to my heart as a Christian woman. I also heard it would be a backless photo,

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Ancient Aliens Jason Martell on Mayan Calendar & the Bible

19 Dec 12

Check out this celebrity interview with Ancient Aliens Jason Martell, researcher in ancient civilizations. With 12.21.12 nearing, everyone is talking about the Mayan calendar and the end of the world as predicted in the Bible. And so, I asked Ancient Aliens Jason Martell his insights on the Mayan calendar, popular speculation about an ensuing apocalypse, and whether he thought there was anything Christians should know about 12.21.12. I offer a brief response in conclusion.

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