Dancing with the Stars Photos

06 Nov 13

Last week, my husband took me to Dancing with the Stars to see a friend perform. I love this show! It was a great night to attend the show. They had a group dance to the Fox song — which is played-out, and yet still so fun! We sat behind the cast of The Talk and the ladies were all so friendly. I wanted to share some of our Dancing with the Stars photos with you guys.

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Aprons: Halloween Costumes for Women

23 Oct 13

Halloween is almost here and I love dressing up! My favorite trend are the adorable themed-aprons which make great Halloween costumes for women. The aprons are a no-fuss solution to Halloween costumes for women because you can pair them with clothes you already own, and then easily swap them out with friends later. Here are my favorite picks, selected for women who want match their children, their partner and their wardrobe. Also, be sure to check last year’s picks of Halloween costumes for women who are feminists!

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Remembering the Emmys…

23 Sep 13

The 2013 Emmys aired last night. It reminded me that I never shared with you guys the photos from our evening at the 2012 Emmys. We had a great time with our friends Ted and Robyn — dressing up and walking the red carpet. One of my highlights from the Emmys was meeting the cast of my favorite comedy, The Big Bang Theory. Just a few months ago, my husband surprised me for my birthday with live tickets to the The Big Bang Theory. It happened to be the night that comedy legend Bob Newhart made his Emmy award winning appearance! Check out these photos from our super fun evening.

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College Relationships Forum with ORU Students

12 Sep 13

Oral Roberts University recently hosted me for an open forum with male and female students about college relationships and sexuality. It was a huge honor to return to my Alma Mater for a Q&A with students! Thank you to ORU staff for trusting me with such a sensitive topic as college relationships. We talked about nearly every aspect of college relationships from sexual boundaries to being in touch with your own sexuality; even touching on what it means to make a spiritual connection with someone you’re dating. I loved meeting students one-on-one after the event. (To those who asked for relationship advice or prayer, please send me an email to let me know how you’re doing.) I promised students access to pictures from the event, so below is perhaps the longest collage of event photos ever posted in the history of this blog. If you were at the event, find your pic, share it, and be sure to tag me so I can find you on Instagram and Twitter! #godandboobs #angiewyatt

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God & Boobs in the Christian Science Monitor

02 Sep 13

All of Hollywood is talking about the rise in faith-based entertainment, from the Bible series to Duck Dynasty. Recently, I was interviewed for an article, “Hollywood’s next big thing: Religion” for the Christian Science Monitor. See what Hollywood is saying about God and entertainment.

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Host A Book Signing for God & Boobs!

06 Aug 13

You can host a book signing with your friends! I love meeting with women to talk about God & Boobs at their homes, apartments, boutiques and book stores.  At each event, I answer questions, read from the book, and sign copies. NOW you can host an event too! That’s right… I’ll come to you!

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Hollywood Book Festival Winner!

30 Jul 13

I’m thrilled to announce that God and Boobs has just won the Hollywood Book Festival! The award ceremony was held at the beautiful Roosevelt Hotel, located across the street from the infamous Chinese Theater. My dad was my date, and he did a great job fulfilling his role as photographer. During my acceptance speech, I talked about how supportive he has been, from coaching me through the writing process to helping me market the book. So I just had to treat him to dinner at one my favorite West Hollywood hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurants, Gardens of Taxco. Not only am I thrilled to receive accolades from my literary peers, but the ceremony also served as a fantastic father-daughter date night! Enjoy these pics!

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God and Boobs in the OC Register!

10 Jul 13

I was recently featured on the front page of the OC Register! Roxana Kopetman, a journalist for the OC Register, contacted me about her interest in covering the story of God and Boobs. She wanted to know why I wrote the book, what sort of response I’ve received, and also a bit about my back ground growing up at the Crystal Cathedral. We talked for hours over the course of several weeks. It was fun sharing my story and answering tough questions. My favorite part was the photo shoot. Because I was traveling a ton at the time, they sent a photographer to meet me in NY while I was there to accept an award for the NY Book Festival. And so, I ended up having a professional photo shoot in central park. How fun is that! My dad, the proud papa, sent me this photo from the paper

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NY Book Festival Awards Ceremony

04 Jul 13

Thank you for your interest in knowing more about the NY Book Festival! I’ve been met with so many congratulations, well wishes and questions about the award. Thank you! The award ceremony for the book festival was held in June at the Grolier Club in Manhattan. The Grolier Club is a fine library that preserves ancient documents. I was afforded the opportunity to give an acceptance speech. It means the world to be recognized by my literary peers. Check out these photos!

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Voted Among Top Blogs for Women!

25 Jun 13

More good news for God & Boobs! We’ve just been voted to the Top 25 Feminist Blogs of 2013! I didn’t make this happen. You did! Thanks for voting God & Boobs as one of the top blogs for women! I’m so thrilled that God keeps putting a spotlight on this very important message. We are created in the image of God, boobs and all. There’s no shame and nothing inferior about our created identity. We are empowered women, capable of fulfilling our greatest potential! Anyone want to nominate God & Boobs for the Forbes 100 Top Blogs for Women?!

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