Cate Blanchett: Oscar Beauty and Brains

03 Mar 14

Cate Blanchett stole the show at the 2014 Oscars for exuding both beauty and brains. Cate had the courage to exalt women in an evening that centered around male actors (the first award was for best supporting male actor and the last individual award for best male actor.) Her acceptance speech for her role in Blue Jasmine was compelling, brave and honest. Plus, her dress was gorgeous. Proving a woman can have both beauty and brains. Let’s talk stats…

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The Problem of Male-Centric Abstinence

06 Feb 14

I was taught abstinence at my Christian high school and college. I was primarily taught that the goal of abstinence was to “save myself” for my future husband. My very real, tangible, daily, sexual desire was on hold for some mystical, vaporous ideal of a man. I hadn’t even considered how it would affect me that women now marry later – into their late twenties and early thirties, if at all. It didn’t matter how long I would have to wait for sex, I would wait as long as need be, because the nucleus of my sexuality was a man. In my heart of heart’s I believed: It’s my job to practice abstinence, so that I will be pure for the man God has chosen for me to marry. I owe my future husband the gift of virginity.

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Overcoming Low Self-Esteem: A Letter from Sarah

01 Oct 13

I received a heartfelt letter from a young woman who read God and Boobs, and wrote to tell me how it helped her overcome low self-esteem. I am inspired by her courage — first to face her low self-esteem; and secondly, at sharing her story with me. I asked her if I could share the letter with you in this post. The letter was written conversationally, so I added a few words in parenthesis to help clarify any points that may be unclear out of context. The following is a letter from Sarah.

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On the Cover, part 5: Enjoy the Faith Your Mom Never Told You About

04 Sep 13

Today’s modern women experience faith differently than the women of previous generations. Chances are that your mom never told you how to experience faith as a twenty- or thirty-something woman who is pursuing a career, traveling the world, dating, and delaying marriage and children. Your mom never told you because she never lived it. Like the faith-women of her generation, she likely married young and had children. She may know how to pray for her husband, but she may not know how to pray for her job. If you have questions about faith, and you feel like advice from older women isn’t helping, God and Boobs has the answers you need!

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On the Cover, part 3: Sensuality without Shame

14 Aug 13

On the cover of God and Boobs the book, I claim that the book will help women feel sensual without shame. Numerous women have told me they don’t enjoy sex and can’t appreciate their sensuality. When sensual feelings spark within, they smolder the spark in a cloak of shame. Deep down, they feel that sex is bad. Many don’t want to feel shameful about their sensuality — they simply don’t know how to not feel shameful. I’ve identified three major reasons women feel shameful about sensuality: sexual abuse, religious teaching, and cultural conditioning.

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On the Cover, Part 2: Be Sexy, Strong & Self-Aware

07 Aug 13

On the cover of God and Boobs the book is a list of bullet points about the content of the book. Our current series devotes one post to each of those topics. This week: God and Boobs will help women discover how to live sexy, strong and self-aware.

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On the Cover, part 1: Living with Faith & Femininity

24 Jul 13

Introducing “On the Cover” – a six-part series about faith and femininity. Inspiration for this series derives from the back of the God and Boobs book cover. On the cover is a synopsis of the book, which includes a short list of ways that the book promises to help women – from feeling sensual to finding love. In this series, I will devote one week to each item on that list.

First up: God and Boobs will help women discover how to have faith and femininity. Living with faith and femininity, as discussed in the book, is about seeing ourselves created entirely in the likeness of God – boobs and all.

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Girl to Woman Transformation: Image Consultants

09 Jul 13

The way that culture influences our perception of beauty is something I write about extensively in God and Boobs the book. I recently posted about how celebrities create their image. Many cater to the cultural myth that it’s sexier to be a girl than a woman, which I think is a horrible idea to perpetuate. God created us to make the girl to woman transformation, and so we ought to take our cues from celebrities who model a youthful maturity, such as Nicole Richie. It’s not just celebrities who create their image, whether intentionally or unintentionally, we are creating our own image every day. Ideally, we’ll do this thoughtfully and so make the girl to woman transition with elegance and class. I asked image consultants and life coaches for their advice about how to transform from college girl to a mature woman, without losing a youthful appeal.

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From Girl to Woman: Celebrity Nicole Richie

18 Jun 13

I recently posted an article, Celebrity Watch: Do You Want to Be a Woman or a Girl? The article looked at celebrities who had built their image on a girlish persona versus those who presented themselves as mature women. It seems to me that culture tends to value girlish qualities as sexy and desirable. However, I think that’s a twisted version of sexy. Girls are not meant to be sexy, they are intended to be innocent. Women are sexy. Today’s Girl to Women celebrity is Nicole Richie, who made the transition to womanly while still maintaining a youthful, trendy and sexy vibe.

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Celebrity Watch: Do You Want to Be a Woman or Girl?

16 May 13

Do you want to be a woman or girl? I’m convinced that our youth-obsessed culture perpetuates the idea that girlish qualities are superior to womanly qualities. Womanly qualities are stereotyped as being matronly and spinster on one extreme – or sultry, leggy and buxom on the other extreme. As a result of media and pop-culture, it seems to me that people equate girls with beauty and women with sex.

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