Dream Interpretation

26 Mar 14

God often speaks through dreams. I had a dream this week that I want to share. My hope is that it will encourage others as it has encouraged me. You are invited to practice your dream interpretation skills. I will offer a dream interpretation of my own. 

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Trusting God, Part 4: The Good

29 Jan 14

As we continue our trusting God series, we will look at a third belief that helps us with trusting God. If we believe that God is good, and therefore wants the best for us, then it helps us to trust in God despite what we feel, observe or experience in the present. The tricky part to trusting God has to do with how we measure goodness. Is ‘good’ something I want? Like a piece of candy? Or, is ‘good’ something that is in my best interest? Like an apple?

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Trusting God, Part 3: The Vision

15 Jan 14

We are continuing our trusting God series. (Be sure to share with your friends who are recent college graduates, and struggling with trusting God – I have a special message for you gals.) Trusting God is often discussed in such blase terms, as though one should assume that we can all easily trust God. However, that’s simply not the case. Trusting God can be as challenging as learning to trust people. Whenever we feel disappointed, it’s easy to to think that God isn’t on our side. But, God wants us to be on His side. That’s what trusting God is all about… surrendering our concepts for God’s way. There are three beliefs that will help us learn to trust God. We discussed the first last time: “God is always with me, no matter my circumstances, no matter what.” The second belief is this: “God is bigger than me. Only God can see the bigger picture.”

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Trusting God, Part 2: The Rescue

04 Dec 13

Trusting God is a major theme of God and Boobs the book. By trusting God with our lives, we are empowered to resist the impulse to become dependent upon spiritual leaders and religious rules. Instead, we turn to God as our ultimate source of comfort, hope and grace. Trusting God isn’t always easy. Life gets in the way, complicating how we view our happiness and success. In order to trust God, we must start by adjusting our beliefs. There are three beliefs that will help us with trusting God, and today we’re exploring the first: “God is always with me, no matter my circumstances, no matter what.” The more choose to believe that God is with us, despite our obstacles, the better we get at trusting God in the hard times.

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Trusting God, Part 1: The Risk

27 Nov 13

Trusting God is our next blog series. Wouldn’t it be great to have life figured out life – to follow a precise five-year plan for the future, with zero room for error! Life is rarely as linear as we want it to be. Life comes with unexpected twists. Trusting God at each turn helps to strengthen our faith and improve our lives, which I write about extensively in God and Boobs the book. Trusting God includes being willing to take risks, make mistakes, and then keep trusting God. Now is the time to get ready for the changes ahead. To get ready for change in your health, finances, relationships or emotions… you need to prepare your heart to trust in God. Trusting God is the only way to prepare for the unknown.

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Is Religious Feminism a Fad?

14 Nov 13

Women are trending. In addition to God and Boobs, there were a ton of books released this year, from Lean In to Let Her Lead, which encourage progress for women’s rights. It’s finally cool to be a female CEO, female comedian, or even a female minister. We should be these things – not because it’s trendy, but because we should be whoever we want to be. Both men and women now embrace religious feminism as their mantra. Religious feminism is considered progressive and dare I say… cool. I’m a female spiritual director and Christian counselor. God and Boobs the book is all about women living to their greatest potential. But, I think there’s a way that is superior to religious feminism.

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DFW Event: Trinity Church Dallas, Nov 9 @ 10am

04 Nov 13

Great news for ladies in the DFW Metroplex! I have an open event this Saturday morning, November 9 @ 10am. It’s at Trinity Church Dallas: 4300 Cole Avenue, Dallas 75205. And… it’s FREE! I’ll be talking about Beauty and the Church. The vast majority of my events are hosted by individuals or organizations who have a ‘by invitation only’ format. However, Trinity Church Dallas has been gracious enough to open the event to all women. Be sure to take advantage of this great opportunity to join me in an open setting, at no cost to you. I will be available to sign copies of God and Boobs the book and answer questions after the event.

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How to Conquer Fear

30 Oct 13

For many, Halloween is about experiencing and creating fear. From spooky costumes to scary movies to haunted mansions, ’tis the season to explore the seemingly limitless boundaries of fear. Halloween fear is a temporary fear that can be fun at times. But invasive fear, the kind of fear that creeps in to penetrate the soul is not fun. In fact, it is the number one factor that keeps people from living to to their greatest potential. Fear limits a person’s ability to feel happy, peaceful and confident. I’m asked regularly how to conquer fear. I personally learned how to conquer fear, and while there are many paths to freedom from fear, I want to share with you the easiest and most powerful thing you can do when you feel afraid. From now on, you’ll know how to conquer fear too!

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On the Cover, part 4: Breaking Free of Religious Constrains

27 Aug 13

Breaking free of religious constrains is a major theme of my book, God and Boobs. I think religion is the number one obstacle to knowing God. Ironic, I know. And yet, I feel so passionately about religion’s role that, in the book, I compare religion to elephant dung. Eloquent, I know. I won’t do that here. Instead, for my cerebral audience, a more theological explanation…

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On the Cover, part 1: Living with Faith & Femininity

24 Jul 13

Introducing “On the Cover” – a six-part series about faith and femininity. Inspiration for this series derives from the back of the God and Boobs book cover. On the cover is a synopsis of the book, which includes a short list of ways that the book promises to help women – from feeling sensual to finding love. In this series, I will devote one week to each item on that list.

First up: God and Boobs will help women discover how to have faith and femininity. Living with faith and femininity, as discussed in the book, is about seeing ourselves created entirely in the likeness of God – boobs and all.

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