Girl Crush: Colbie Caillat Reveals True Beauty

14 Jul 14

Every woman asks herself, Am I beautiful? Beauty is a major theme of God and Boobs the book, with an entire chapter called “Roses” dedicated to the topic: Am I beautiful?  I’m acutely aware of this issue in almost every conversation I have with women. And, I am so proud of Colbie Caillat for tackling this question head on.

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True Beauty: Change Begins at Home

20 Mar 14

The first woman your daughter will ever see as beautiful… is YOU. She will watch you comb your hair, put on your make-up, get dressed and then look yourself over in the mirror. She will look for a model of true beauty. You may not think she’s watching… but, she’s watching everything. She sees the times you pinch your thighs and wince. She notices when look at your side profile, while sucking in your gut. When you look at your face applying gloss to pouty lips, she’s watching. When you feel pretty, it shows in your countenance, and she can tell. She can tell that she’s found true beauty.

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New Lammily Doll: Average is Beautiful

12 Mar 14

The world’s first normal “Barbie” doll is making headlines this week for reaching it’s fundraising goals in its first day. Lammily, named for its founder Nickolay Lamm, has the dimensions of an average nineteen year old girl. The company’s tagline is “Average is Beautiful.” If you’ve read the chapter “Beauty” from my book, God and Boobs, then you know that I think every woman is beautiful. I love this tagline!

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The Controversial Beauty of Miss America 2014

17 Sep 13

Miss America is a position awarded to an American woman who demonstrates that she is both beautiful and living to her greatest potential as a human being. God and Boobs the book is dedicated to both of these concepts: beauty and living to our greatest capacity. I want to challenge conventional standards of beauty, and help women understand that we are beautiful just as we are — just as God created us, boobs and all. And since all women look differently, there are many faces to true beauty. In commenting on the first Indian-American Miss America, Jimmy Fallon joked, “It doesn’t matter where you come from or who you are, it’s being beautiful that matters.” Below are photos of the last five Miss America winners.

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When Beauty Was Simple

03 May 13

There was a time when beauty was simple for me. I hadn’t yet learned how to look at another girl, compare myself to her, and then come up short. My world was free of fashion trends and body shaming. I didn’t even know such deviance was possible. I felt pretty because my parents told me it was so. I believed them. Not every girl had this gift. For some, their sense of self-beauty was rejected in the home, and not at school or in the neighborhood. For me, as it is for many other women, I can remember a younger version of myself – a girl who expressed an uninhibited beauty, completely unaware of societal expectations. 

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Making of the Book, Part 6: Meet Tomboy Kelsey of “Roses”

11 Apr 13

In God and Boobs the book, I’ve devoted an entire chapter “Roses” to my sister Kelsey Rose who is a self-described tomboy. The chapter is about beauty – how we see ourselves as beautiful, our perceptions of conventional beauty and how our “sex sells” world gets it wrong. Kelsey’s relationship to beauty is more complicated than my own, and she was courageous enough to allow me to write a chapter that focused on her challenges. Many people have called it their favorite chapter in the book! I wanted to follow up with Kelsey and ask her what it’s like to have her story published for all to see.

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Fake Beauty: Sarah Jessica Parker’s Photoshop Fail

03 Apr 13

Our latest Photoshop fail features the absurd and fake beauty of Sarah Jessica Parker for Harper’s Bazaar China, March 2013.  The magazine made her to look like an alien goddess. It’s totally bizarre! Is this what women in China think of Hollywood royalty? Is this their ideal for beauty? If so, then shame on Harper’s Bazaar for feeding such ridiculous notions. Women are humans, not aliens, and we ought to look like humans. To be fair, Ms. Parker is not the magazine’s creative authority and so she probably had no say in its final publication. This isn’t the first time Sarah Jessica Parker has been the victim of bad Photoshopping for magazines.

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Making of the Book, Part 5: Photoshop the Model (SEE it!)

13 Mar 13

For the God and Boobs book cover, I needed a visual image that carried an intrinsic message about femininity. To strike this balance, it was imperative that we see the model’s eyes. But the image also had to meet specific layout dimensions for our graphic artist. You don’t get all of this in a single photo! So after the book cover photoshoot, we turned to our celebrity Photoshop expert, Christine Chapman of 2dbCreative. Scroll down to the SEE the succession of Christine’s work!

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Beauty Insider: Interview with a Celebrity Photoshop Expert

12 Mar 13

Ever wonder what goes on the brilliant mind a celebrity Photoshop artist? Well here’s your chance! Christine Chapman is Co-Founder and Director of Retouching at 2bd Creative. She is the Photoshop expert to the stars, but she put her expertise at work for us in the God and Boobs book cover. Yes, the God and Boobs book cover was Photoshopped. I confess. Tomorrow, I’m giving a behind-the-scenes look at our before and after images of the model. You don’t want to miss it! Until then, let’s find out why Christine says “I believe women have had pressure on them to be as perfect as possible whether the media was around or not. This pressure doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon.”

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The Perfect Woman Is Pear-Shaped

26 Feb 13

In God’s eyes, the perfect woman is pear-shaped. She’s also apple-shaped, olive-shaped and pencil-shaped. In 1912, the “perfect woman” was 171lbs at 5’7″ with a pear-shaped figure. Meet Elsie Scheel, who at 24 years old was pronounced “the most nearly perfect physical specimen of womanhood.” When asked how she gained such a perfect figure, she replied, “I have eaten only what I wanted and when I wanted.” She lists beefsteak as her favorite food. If only it could be so simple to reach today’s standards for physical beauty! Men’s Health released their list of the 100 hottest women of 2013. Not one of them shares Elsie’s full figure.

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