Healing After Infant Loss: Battle Cry, the Book

24 Jun 14

I don’t have to be a mother to imagine that the most tragic loss a woman can face is the death of her own child. I remember years ago sitting across from a young woman who shared with me the depths of her own despair, desperate for healing after infant loss. And now, I’m so proud to announce that same woman is courageously sharing her story with others in her new book, Battle Cry: Hope and Healing in the Battles of Life. In her book, Kris Power tells about the tragedy of losing her daughter at birth, dealing with severe medical complications, and then building her life anew.

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FREE God & Boobs Book Discussion Guide!

19 Feb 14

I’ve received numerous requests from women who want to hold a God and Boobs book discussion with their friends. Many have asked for a book discussion guide to help facilitate discussion. Get your online God and Boobs FREE Discussion Guide. This book discussion guide is designed to encourage friendship through intimate sharing and reading reflection. This is not a Bible-study; however Bible references are listed and reading is encouraged.

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The Problem of Male-Centric Abstinence

06 Feb 14

I was taught abstinence at my Christian high school and college. I was primarily taught that the goal of abstinence was to “save myself” for my future husband. My very real, tangible, daily, sexual desire was on hold for some mystical, vaporous ideal of a man. I hadn’t even considered how it would affect me that women now marry later – into their late twenties and early thirties, if at all. It didn’t matter how long I would have to wait for sex, I would wait as long as need be, because the nucleus of my sexuality was a man. In my heart of heart’s I believed: It’s my job to practice abstinence, so that I will be pure for the man God has chosen for me to marry. I owe my future husband the gift of virginity.

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Get Ready for Change!

20 Nov 13

Now is the time to get ready for change! We are just weeks away from the New Year. You will have a fresh set of goals, a renewed hope and a revived energy for your New Year vision. Though holiday fun is upon us… NOW is the time to get ready for change! You may be tempted to think that my encouragement is premature. Nope. It’s right on time! You don’t want to miss out! Here’s 3 reasons to get ready for change now:

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How to Conquer Fear

30 Oct 13

For many, Halloween is about experiencing and creating fear. From spooky costumes to scary movies to haunted mansions, ’tis the season to explore the seemingly limitless boundaries of fear. Halloween fear is a temporary fear that can be fun at times. But invasive fear, the kind of fear that creeps in to penetrate the soul is not fun. In fact, it is the number one factor that keeps people from living to to their greatest potential. Fear limits a person’s ability to feel happy, peaceful and confident. I’m asked regularly how to conquer fear. I personally learned how to conquer fear, and while there are many paths to freedom from fear, I want to share with you the easiest and most powerful thing you can do when you feel afraid. From now on, you’ll know how to conquer fear too!

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Stop Religious Bullies

17 Oct 13

October is National Bully Prevention Month. Now is the perfect time to highlight my crusade against religious bullies. The term ‘religious bullies’ may refer to two different groups of people. The first are religious leaders who use god-talk to bully others into submission. The second are non-religious people who bully religious believers. I believe this later group poses a growing concern to Christians in the US as there is little tolerance for those whose belief system is contrary to mainstream secularism. However, the purpose of this blog and God and Boobs the book is to highlight the former group – religious leaders who abuse their power. Please sign the pledge and help draw awareness to this prevalent violation.

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5 Ways to Improve Emotional Health without Seeing a Shrink

09 Oct 13

If your emotions have been driving you crazy, complicating your relationships and hindering your work performance, then this is the post for you! My goal is to help women live to their greatest capacity by maximizing their relationship with God. That’s the focus of my book, God and Boobs, which also helps women improve emotional health. In my work as a counselor and pastor, as well as in my personal life, I’ve learned that sometimes counseling and spiritual practices aren’t enough to improve emotional health. We may need to a more holistic approach to improve emotional health in the long term. Here are 5 ways to improve emotional health without seeing a shrink, OR, better yet… in addition to seeing a shrink.

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On the Cover, part 3: Sensuality without Shame

14 Aug 13

On the cover of God and Boobs the book, I claim that the book will help women feel sensual without shame. Numerous women have told me they don’t enjoy sex and can’t appreciate their sensuality. When sensual feelings spark within, they smolder the spark in a cloak of shame. Deep down, they feel that sex is bad. Many don’t want to feel shameful about their sensuality — they simply don’t know how to not feel shameful. I’ve identified three major reasons women feel shameful about sensuality: sexual abuse, religious teaching, and cultural conditioning.

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On the Cover, Part 2: Be Sexy, Strong & Self-Aware

07 Aug 13

On the cover of God and Boobs the book is a list of bullet points about the content of the book. Our current series devotes one post to each of those topics. This week: God and Boobs will help women discover how to live sexy, strong and self-aware.

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The Purpose of Marriage: Remembering the Royal Wedding

16 Jul 13

On April 29, 2011, I joined the entire world in swooning over Will & Kate’s royal wedding.  I was struck by the stunning hats and Pippa’s (not Kate’s) spectacular gown.  And then, I did a double-take at the unexpectedly sexy ceremony about the purpose of marriage.  Now, as we anticipate the birth of Will & Kate’s baby, I’m remembering the royal wedding; and so re-posting the thoughts I had when I heard the matrimonial sermon. The happiness that we find in marriage is something I talk about in my book, God and Boobs. I want to help women understand that getting married isn’t the key to happiness. The purpose of marriage is something much greater, to become like Christ — and this was the point of the Royal Wedding’s sexy sermon!

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