About Angie

read_God&Boobs.0004MY NAME IS ANGIE RAE WYATT.  Schuller is my maiden name.

My given name is not Angela or Angelina. It’s just Angie, as in the Rolling Stones song. I’m the author of the award-winning book, God and Boobs: Balancing Faith and Sexuality. Here’s how to book me as a speaker.

My professional life is dedicated to helping women improve the most important relationships in their lives, starting with God. I am the former Spiritual Director of Oral Roberts University, and later worked as an Associate Pastor at Gateway Church in Southlake, TX. I’m a certified spiritual director with an MA in counseling and BA in theology.

While building my career, I delayed marriage and traveled the world. Love came later. My interests are eclectic – Dallas & LA, books & music, fitness & food, therapy & Jesus, me & my husband. Writing is my passion.

My middle name, R-A-E, is the female spelling of Ray… as in the boxer, Sugar Ray. When she was pregnant with me, my mom lost a bet with Sugar Ray Robinson that landed me with his name. My clever husband used that to his advantage when proposing marriage, except… he got the wrong Sugar Ray. But who cares?! I still got these awesome pink boxing gloves, signed by Dancing with the Stars contestant, and younger boxer of the same name, Sugar Ray Leonard.

Many prefer to identify me by my maiden name, Schuller, or some college nickname version of it – Schulz, Schulzy, Schulzy-Baby. I am the eldest grandchild of famed televangelist Dr. Robert H. Schuller of the Crystal Cathedral, and eldest child of his son Dr. Robert A. Schuller. (Trust me, your grandparents know all about it.) I do a gnarly impression of my grandfather’s smile.

If you can’t place the church, this might help… Do you remember MTV’s Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County season one? My sister, Christina, was a cast member and we sang at the church on Father’s Day.  To this day, twenty-something’s stare at me and say, “You look familiar. Are you on TV?” If you regularly watch reruns of LB every summer… then, yes.


Of all my names, my favorite one is Wyatt. When dating Chris, I would scribble Angie Wyatt like a schoolgirl and dream of the day I’d become Mrs. Wyatt. That day came, it was magical; and then, it was marriage. Marriage has magical moments. The love story of how we met is pretty adorable.

Chris is a media pioneer. He was part of the start up team that created the world’s first Social Network, Communities.com. Then he founded GodTube.com and YouToo.com. He keeps me on my toes, bouncing between Dallas and LA. This is us at the 2012 Emmy’s. I geeked out when I saw the cast of my favorite nerd show The Big Bang Theory.